The Automated Lead Generation Equation – Why It Should Be Part of Your Process Now

Just one in ten companies succeeds when it comes to sustained, profitable growth. You know that you have to be one of those ten to make it happen for your company, but are you actually in the position to reach your goals? Are you ready to take on the larger, more established companies in your industry? The Secret to Success

Companies that are less than two decades old are some of the hottest industry names, often generating billions in income every single year. Can’t imagine that’s true? Look at a quick list of the fastest growing companies in the world, and you’re going to see names like Google, Ebay and Salesforce. Less than twenty years old, but serious revenue happening constantly, wondering what that secret sauce is? Automated marketing and sales.

Too Much Lead Generation Makes Jack’s Company a Dud

Businesses today often focus on lead generation to help the company grow, and for good reason. Lead generation means engagement that will help your company reach the next level. Even if your sales team is great at lead generation minus the automation platform, though, you may be setting yourself up for an equation where you just don’t have the time to refine the sales process enough that those leads actually go somewhere. That means a low convert rate and serious costs per acquisition.

Going Automated

Only three in ten leads are actually ready to convert. Wouldn’t you like to spend your time working with those who are instead of chasing the seven who may not be? Automated sales systems mean a level of cost efficiency you just can’t reach with traditional lead generation. When the right practices are in place, you’re going to get faster, cheaper, more effective sales at the drop of a hat.

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