Three Adjustments to Make to Your Failing Social Campaign

The number one complaint among the business owners that we come into contact with is the difficulty of managing a Digital Marketing La Jolla campaign.  We will not deny that Digital Marketing La Jolla efforts require a lot of time and forethought to be successful, however, very likely, if you are struggling to make your social presence known, there are a few simple steps that you can take, this week, to make your chances of success much greater.

  1. Focus Your Efforts The BIGGEST mistake made by companies breaking into the social arena is attempting to cover too many platforms right away. They will start writing a blog and open four or five social media accounts right out of the block.  They are diving in before they even dipped a toe in the water.

         Doing this is a mistake because, chances are very good, that if you are just breaking into the social arena, you are not familiar with the various                tools and metric available.  Furthermore, putting forth the best possible effort on each of those platforms is going to take a lot of time (particularly          in the intial phases).  What happens, in most cases, this requires too much dedication and, slowly but surely, all of the channels fall apart.

It is a much better practice to start with one or two platforms, putting forth the best possible efforts to grow them and establish an audience.                 This, then, can slowly be built upon, opening one new platform at a time.  


  1. Aim for the Ideal Even we, appreciating the marketing efforts of others, have been known to unfollow or defriend others because they litter our feed with too many posts to count. While regular posting is recommended, one or two per day is generally enough.  Posting multiple times per hour is likely going to turn off your audience.  So shoot for a couple of posts per day (perhaps as many as five on Twitter) and let your audience grow naturally.


  1. Get Help As we mentioned above, many business fail on social marketing campaigns because they can’t keep up with the time requirements. They have a business to run, after all.  Do not feel that you are alone if you are suffering from the same.  Get help.  A social presence is important today, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it on your own.

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