Enhancing Visual Posts for Better Exposure

We recently saw an article in Forbes.com, which caught our attention, because it had a lot of great advice to offer.  It speaks of the importance of tagging images in order to make them more SEO friendly.  There are a number of ways that you can make the post of your high quality images, ensuring that it gets as much exposure as possible, and that it is as effective at growing your search engine presence as a text-based post. Keywords:

The obvious approach is to use keywords wherever possible.  On blog posts, it is possible to do a lot with keywords, working them into the body of the post, the alt and description tags. However, on social media, you must be a little trickier when working them in.  On some platforms, you can still include a body of text with your image.  On others (like Instagram), you are a little more limited.  However, you can still use keywords in the hashtags.


Hashtags are pure marketing genius.  They are no longer limited to social media, but are printed on product labels, billboards, and even on restaurant menus.  While keywords are valuable to your marketing efforts, you may be better to make your post time relevant.  That is to say that you should visit sites like that recommended by Forbes, Hashtagify.me, to find the most used hashtags for the day.  Make your voice heard by including these tags (where relevant) when creating visual posts.

Hot Topics:

Forbes mentioned the Super Bowl and Academy Awards, but you can be sure that there are many others throughout the year – holidays, numerous sporting events, breaking news topics, and much more.  Become a part of the conversation and increase the odds that people happen upon your post and relate your product with those big events.

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