Don’t be a Social Misfit: Avoid Annoying Your Audience

How often have you seen posts by other companies and known, without a doubt, that they were failing within the social arena?  While it is often easy to pick out the mistakes made by others, it can be tough to spot our own missteps.  Here are a few errors that you should definitely avoid, if you want to maintain a positive presence on social media. Too Many Posts Content is important for your marketing efforts, but you will quickly make enemies within your niche, if you are posting too often.  While people want to see your great content, they don’t want to see ONLY your content.  Take a breath between posts.  Shoot for one or two per day on most platforms, and maybe five or six on Twitter daily.

Too Many Hashtags The concept of the hashtag was a brilliant one, and something that a large percentage of the population embraced.  However, while one or two hashtags can add meaning and ‘searchability’ to a post, too many hashtags made a post annoying to read and will turn off your audience.

Poor Punctuation and Proofreading In this modern age when we have access to so many tools, there is no excuse for being sloppy with verbiage and punctuation.  Be sure that you read through your post, at least once, to look for misspellings.  Do not skip punctuation.  While you may think the post can survive without it, the meaning can be lost when a post becomes nothing more than a run-on sentence.

Taking Too Long to Respond Remember social media is supposed to be a ‘social’ experience.  If people are asking you questions or reaching out to you in other ways, and you fail to respond for days, weeks, or even months, then you are missing the point.  A social presence means very little if you aren’t really being social.

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