Top Three Ways You Can Build Your Digital Strategy

Earned Media, Owned Media, and Paid Media

Having an online presence is a critical feature of a strong business communication plan.  There are three basic ways you can enhance your digital strategy:  through earned, owned and paid media.  Your online “brand” needs to embrace each of these concepts in order to be strong, vibrant and productive.  What are they?  Here is a fast primer.

Earned media.  Think of earned media as the reward for all the hard work you have put into your product, website or concept.  Earned media is accrued when a viewer shares your website, tweets about your product or otherwise draws attention to your brand of their own free will, usually based on a good experience.  Earned media is also created by first page search rankings, great content and SEO placement.  It is a ground up strategy that builds serious loyalty and online following.

Paid media.  Paid media can actually generate more earned media, as your product or website is promoted to a wider audience much faster.  Paying to promote your brand helps get the ball rolling, so to speak.  A primary example of using paid media would be the social media advertising (like Facebook offers) that can drive viewers to your website.  The popular Pay-Per-Click method is another great example of paid media.  If you’re trying to generate big success in a hurry, this is no doubt the fastest way.

Owned media.  Think of this as an additional way for your followers to interact with your brand.  This includes any digital media that is exclusive to your brand.  Any time you offer the opportunity for clients to follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, read your blog or click through to a sister site, you are using owned media.  As long as you can do the maintenance, owned media is a great strategy for deepening and maintaining customer loyalty.  Remember, though, a blog that isn’t updated regularly will cost your brand in lost followers.

All of these strategies overlap to provide the perfect blend for a digital media strategy – but it is up to you to determine where to allocate your efforts.  Determining your digital strategy should be a priority.  Why not contact us today and use our expertise to help you make those important decisions?

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