Understanding the Difference Between Content Creation and SEO

Recently, we have many clients ask us to manage content creation.  Others still request help with Digital Marketing La Jolla SEO.  But, a large percentage use the two phrases as interchangeable terms.  It is true that they share much in common, but content creation is different that website Digital Marketing La Jolla SEO. The Purpose of Content Creation People turn to the internet, in many cases, to learn.  We use the Web as our major source of research today, and, as such, many companies have found that it is quite possible to discover new consumers, and to draw them into a website with meaningful content.  The person comes seeking information on a particular topic and winds up purchasing the goods or services that relate to that information.

This content, therefore, must be informative, but also presented in a very appealing manner, so that it draws readers in and keeps them there from beginning to end.  It comes down to having something meaningful to share and doing so with great presentation and flair.

The Intent of SEO Search engine optimization of a website will generally involve writing articles and other content for the site.  Yet, this content differs drastically from that which was meant to inform the reader.  SEO content is keyword rich, and the goal is, entirely, to work those keywords into the text as seamlessly as possible.  SEO efforts extend beyond the article as well.  The keywords are worked in page descriptions, titles, and html code, so when the search engine algorithms are applied, the site scores big points.  The ultimate goal is to have the website appear on the first page of search results.

There are many different SEO strategies at play today, but one of them is simply to craft as many keyword-rich articles as possible on the site.  So, when managed correctly, content creation can work hand-in-hand with SEO efforts.

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