Recruiting with Social

If you are looking for great new talent who will integrate well with your existing team, you can count yourself very lucky.  Right now, there exists a market of talent that is more easily tapped than ever before.  People who are actively and passively seeking new positions are at your fingertips, and all you have to do is take action to reach out to them. There are two ways that you can recruit new talent with social media.  The most common method is to use LinkedIn as a giant database of resumes.  This can be very effective.  Searching for those who meet the specific needs of the available role can certainly make the recruiting task a lot easier.  However, there is a downside to relying only on LinkedIn.

As a general rule, a large percentage of LinkedIn users update their accounts infrequently, at best.  They rarely check in, and that can mean that you are getting only partially completed resumes, and that you are missing out on a large number of great potential candidates.

While LinkedIn is generally treated in this manner, other social networks are not.  The vast majority of Facebook users, for instance, check in several times each week, if not multiple times per day.  Obviously, this is a very active and engaged audience.  Twitter operates in much the same way, with people actively participating on a very frequent basis.  Therefore, if you can be an equally engaged member of the social platform, you can reach both active and passive job candidates.

Compare social recruiting to fishing.  If you are only looking at LinkedIn, or relying only on the post help wanted advertisements, you are simply throwing out your hook and hoping for a bite.  You are only touching a very small area of a very large lake of talent.

When you use social media to build your brand and to hype all of the great advantages of working for your company, eventually the figurative fish will happily swim right into your net, no hook needed.

This is not an overnight sort of objective, though.  Obviously, if you have an opening, and you already have a social media presence, you can immediately use it to your benefit.  However, it does take time to build a following, and it does require dedication to regularly checking in and responding to inquiries if you have any hope of social improving your recruiting efforts.

If you can give yourself to that task of building your brand on social media, however, you can expect more traffic to your career page, and a much larger pool of potential candidates.

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