Why You Need to Make Paid Search Part of Your Inbound Strategy Now

We’ve already discussed some of the vital components of an effective inbound marketing strategy for Digital Marketing Encinitas, but there’s one that is deserving of its own post: paid search. Paid search, or PPC (pay-per-click), involves paying to be included in search results based on specific keywords that prospective customers use. If you’re not already using this as part of your inbound strategy for Digital Marketing Encinitas, here’s why you should be:

  • It’s always working for you. On average, adults in the U.S. spend about 11 hours per day on digital devices. During this time, they are often using search engines to research products or services that they’re interested in. With PPC in place, your brand is always there when it should be, with ads ready to be clicked by the customers with the greatest potential to convert.
  • It works in conjunction with your SEO efforts. PPC is a great backup for your SEO keywords, especially if they aren’t the most optimal. Plus, the combination of SEO and PPC means you get both organic and paid listings.
  • Easily customizable messaging. Paid search tools provide fast, easy ways to customize your ads to target specific products or services. This is ideal for companies with large offerings that change regularly.
  • Expand your reach – or not. With PPC, you can adjust the settings to reach the people you want to. For instance, let’s say you are offering a promotion for people in a certain geographic area. With PPC, you can focus your messages to reach only those users.
  • Detailed analytics for purchase sequencing. Usually, customers will reach out to you multiple times before making a purchase. With PPC, you can view the sequence in which people touch you and then convert. This information can help you enhance your Digital Marketing Encinitas inbound marketing strategies to capture more customers.

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