Not on SnapChat, Instagram or Tumblr? You should be.

According to recent reports, the top five social media platforms aren’t what they once were.  For some, there was a tremendous growth in the number of users.  For others, there was a disappointing finish that suddenly found them off the Top 5 list. As of right now, according to Online Marketing Trends, Facebook is still leading the way, and by a large margin.  Twitter has fallen to fourth place with approximately 300 million users, but Pinterest and LinkedIn no longer make the list of the top social platforms.  So, who are the others to earn the prestigious title?  Tumblr, Instagram and SnapChat.  Do you notice the same trend that we did?

Images rule social media these days, and if you aren’t taking advantage of these leading platforms, you might be missing out on a significant opportunity to engage your niche audience.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that people are more willing to click on- and share content that includes a visual.  This is nothing new, but it also means that you should be embracing the social platforms that make it easier to share great visuals.  There is a reason why sites like Instagram, Tumblr and SnapChat are growing so rapidly.  These platforms really understand image sharing.

Still not convinced that you need to check out these social arenas?  Consider these facts!  People retain only ten percent of what they hear after just three days.  However, if that information is presented with relevant imagery, the retention rate increases to two-thirds.  People are up to eighty percent more likely to click a link if it is presented with a photo or other visual.  Those posts that include visuals, on sites like Twitter, get 90% more views than text-only posts.

The truth is that if you haven’t embraced visual marketing online, then you are falling behind the curve.  Nearly half of all professional marketers consider high quality photography among the most critical elements of their marketing strategy.


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