Three Tips for Preventing Bad Publicity Online

We have seen many companies suffer the horrible impact of bad reviews and cutting words online in recent years.  The truth is that even one well-placed bad review can be very costly to your organization.  So, it is certainly best to prepare yourself, so any such remark is quickly dealt with and the effects are mitigated. Share We have said it before, and we will be sure to say it again.  The best defense against a bad review is the presence of positive content.  Don’t wait until you are already plagued by bad publicity.  Start creating the good stuff today.  That means having a company website, a blog, and social media accounts.  You can write your own story, share the photos that showcase your brand in the best light, and create a vision for those who are in need of your products and services.  While this can’t erase the bad review, the presence of so much positive content can outweigh the bad in the minds of the consumer.

Treat Every Concern as a Genuine One It is amazing to us that so many companies have placed themselves in harm’s path, simply because they refused to address the concerns of an upset customer.  What happens next?  The customer finds a new place to vent frustrations and, today, that generally means online, where it becomes a very public problem.  Treat every concern as a genuine one and do your best to resolve the issue before it reaches the internet.  Respond correctly to the situation and that person, who was prepared to write a scathing review of your brand, might just take to the internet to share the story of how wonderful your service department was.

Be Present in the Moment Obviously you can’t be online every moment of every day and every night.  But, you can use the tools available to you, so you receive alerts when something is said about your company online.  This will allow you to react quicker, so you can move the negative conversation to a private arena, and resolve the issue before it becomes a much bigger, and louder problem.

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