Why Content Marketing Should Begin With Content and Not Marketing

There is a big misconception among marketers that has been persistent, despite many efforts to decimate it.  The belief that great content marketing begins with great marketing is a myth.  The most successful examples of great content marketing begin with an understanding of how to create engaging content.  The question of how to reach the intended market, where to promote the content, and how social media will play its part are afterthoughts.  The first objective is to write content that others will want to read, watch, or listen to.  If you can’t do that effectively, then all of the value that comes from great marketing is diminished.


There are a few basic elements of successful content:


An Engaging and Obvious Headline The title is important.  It is the first impression, and as all worthwhile marketers know — first impressions are critical.  If you want a person to read, listen to, or watch your content, then you have to give them a good reason.  That is to be found in a good, solid, and understandable headline.  Don’t make them guess what the content is about.  Tell them exactly what can be found by delving further.  Explain in as few words as possible exactly what value can be obtained.


Clear, Concise, Clean Verbiage Whether you are speaking it, scripting it, or just laying it out for the viewer to read, be sure that your wording is clean and concise.  Avoid troubling grammatical, spelling, or pronunciation mistakes that can undermine the worth of your content.  Be sure that you have the content proofed by at least one other person before sharing it with the general masses.  Poorly crafted content, marketed as worthwhile, can badly damage your reputation in the eyes of many consumers.


Value It was mentioned briefly above, but there should absolutely be some value to be gained by reading, listening to, or watching your content.  Value, of course, is defined in different ways.  This could be a How-To article explaining how to complete a task related to your product line or industry.  It could be a podcast discussing the advantages of different apps related to your business.  Or, the value added could simply be emotional gain, in that the content eases stress, makes a person laugh, or causes an attachment to a specific cause by making a person experience empathy.


Once you have created content worthy of your audience, then you can figure out how to get it in front of the right people.  It all begins, though, with the ability to create something that others want to be witness to.



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