How Social Media Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Social Media Marketing

Social media transcends through almost every aspect of our daily lives- work, politics, breaking news, and more.  Activity is higher than ever before. Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies that businesses can use to reach their target audience and boost sales over time. Here are some ways that social media marketing can benefit your business.

Your Customers are on Social Media

70% of the U.S. population has at least one social media profile.  Which means that your customers are most likely on social media.  With so many consumers using social media every day, it presents a great opportunity for businesses who want to reach their online audience.

Connecting with your target audience is easy if you are active on the same social media channels that they are.  Go to your audience and find them.

Social Media is Fun

Users are active on social media platforms as they offer a fun and easy way to network, keep in touch with friends and family, and to stay connected.  Social media users are also following and interacting with their favorite brands.  Users will follow brands that have good and enjoyable content.

Social media marketing is about being conversational and showing a different side of your brand.  The content contributes to your brand personality and help you demonstrate your brand voice.  On social media, you are able to make authentic connections with your leads, versus just delivering marketing messages like a television commercial.

Think about doing Q&A’s on Instagram stories, the brand really gets to what their customers’ needs and wants are.  It is about getting personal and having fun with customers.

Blow Away Your Competition with Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a huge benefit of social media marketing.  By posting compelling content that adds value for your target audience, you are making it more familiar to new leads and reinforcing it with your current customers.

Get Traffic to Your Website

Your social profiles provide yet another way to get more inbound traffic to your website.  Social media marketing an excellent strategy to complement your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.  With each piece of content that you post, you can link it back to your website.

The best strategy is to publish quality, engaging content.  Consistency is the second big piece to getting traffic from your social media channel to your website.  The more content that you post, the more opportunities you have to engage new leads and direct them back to your website.  Make sure that your website is optimized for conversions.

Audience Demographics

Each social media channel has a specific demographic that uses it more.  Think about your target audience demographics, the more details the better.  Knowing these details will help you not only in creating content, but which platforms to post on.

A Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

You can get quality results with social media marketing without the high price.  Most of your social media will cost you in investing time creating and publishing content.  As well as engaging with your audience through conversations.  By investing a few hours a week, you can have significant results.  It is all about the planning and strategy, when that is in place, it makes it more efficient.

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