Abandoned Cart Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Close Sales

Abandoned Cart Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Close Sales

eCommerce brands all have the same question when talking to digital marketing agencies.  How can we win back a shopper when they abandon their cart.  As an agency with a client list of many eCommerce businesses, we have worked on strategies to help brands make an effort to win them back and close the sale.

Complete Sales From Abandoned Carts

Every year there is approximately $4.5 trillion left in abandoned carts.  Sometimes it is because of navigational issues or they are not ready to complete the purchase.  Emails targeting abandoned carts can improve your numbers and sales completed.

Here is a guide on best practices to winning shoppers back.

Personalized Emails

Shopping platforms will notify a brand when a sale is completed, or a cart has been abandoned.  Instead of sending a generic, you left your cart behind, create an email that is more personalized.  Ask the shopper if they need more information or a way to contact for more help.  The shopper may not be certain if the products will help their pain point.  This is the time to show that you care about them and are able to help.

Some of the best emails will have a name of a person instead of the company in the signature line.  By adding a human touch, the visitor feels a connection and that someone cares enough to contact them.

It Is All About the Timing wit h Email Marketing

The best automated emails go out within 30 to 60 minutes after the cart has been abandoned.  The chance that the shopper is still interested in the product(s) is high and they haven’t gone with another company.

If the purchase is still not made, then a follow-up within the next 12 hours with a sense of urgency or call to action is best.  Many times a special deal that is only good for the next 24 hours often will engage with the potential customer.  This may be the time that they decide to reach out and ask questions or return to the cart.

Enticing Subject Lines

Subject lines need to be enticing and engaging in order to get a shopper to open and read the email.  Email marketing should always follow this rule, no matter what the contents are about.  The subject line needs to be engaging, precise, and accurate to get the click.  Never trick a customer or potential customer with a subject line that has nothing to do with the content.

If The Abandoned Cart Emails Do Not Work

After the email reminders have been sent and they still do not purchase, then it is time to switch strategies.  You don’t want to keep harping on it; they are not ready.  Switch to sending them informational emails or newsletters and keep the conversation open.  Sometimes by learning more about the products and how they help, they are ready later on to purchase.

Email Marketing Works

Email marketing has a better rate of investment than other types of marketing, which is why it is a strategy that all brands are using.  The strategy and execution is the most critical part when it comes to the abandoned cart.  Craft a few emails and test them out to see what speaks to your potential customers more.   Some will respond to a discount or free shipping to complete the purchase, while others just need a gentle nudge with the offer of help from customer care.  Don’t let the sales go without an email reminder.  If you are still unsure about email marketing, give us a call.  Our team has created many successful campaigns that will help your brand close sales.

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