Should You Refresh Your Brand’s Content Marketing for SEO?

Should You Refresh Your Brand’s Content Marketing for SEO?

Content marketing is critical when it comes to branding.  Whether you sell a service or product, the content needs to be updated for SEO regularly.  What does this mean for your site?  Your website needs old content to be refreshed and updated.  Not only should your website’s main pages be refreshed, but blogs with valuable content should be reviewed as well.

How Refreshing Content Can Benefit Your Brand

There are times when new original content is needed, however, do not overlook good content already created. This applies to blogs, case studies, and other articles that can be updated with fresh SEO keywords and new links.

Google SERP prefers updated links, and it can help get those already rated posts even higher up in the rankings.  Thus, gaining more views and improving the information with new updates so retention also improves.

Where to Start When Updating Content

Start with finding the most popular posts that continue to get traffic and visitors engage with.  Pull your most recent keyword list if you have an old list from a few years ago, it may be time to get a fresh list of keywords, both long and short-tail.

Once you have the lists, then it is time to schedule some maintenance work which includes checking the validity of your links, headlines, and content.

Validity of Links

Link building is a key step in search engine optimization (SEO) work.  Check the validity of each link manually, for both internal and external links.  If the articles or content is old, you will find that many of the links are broken.  Broken links are hurtful to rankings.  Some resources that you originally gave may be outdated, if that is the case then change the links to more current information.

Keyword Update to Content

Look at the content and the Headlines (H1, H2, H3, H4).  Do they have the most up-to-date keywords you wish to rank for?  If the answer is no, then it is time to adjust the content.  While the meat of the content can remain the same, it may be adjusting the position of the keyword or replacing an older term with a newer trending word.  For example, in marketing it is all about branding, so old posts with the word “business” would be changed to “brand”.

The key to adjusting is to make sure that the changes keep to the main ideas of the article if the adjustments no longer make sense or read well, then it is time to create a new article with the new adjusted content.  You want the content to remain valuable to the reader.  Assess the value over SEO as if the value is not there then your ranking will not be there.

Tell The Audience it is Updated Content

When you refresh the content on your site, let the audience know that you have updated the information.  Add an editor’s note or adjust the date to the most recent date.  The more honest and authentic you are with your customers and potential customers, the more they will believe in your brand.

The worst thing that a brand can do is take old content and add it to a new article and say it’s new.  Not only does it go against creating credibility algorithms will penalize you.

Don’t Forget Alt Image Text

When you are updating an old article, don’t forget about updating your alt image text.  This is a step that many times gets overlooked.  Alt image text is the text that describes images to visitors.  It should be specific and succinct and ideally, the image should have the keywords within it.  This helps your SEO algorithm as long as the image and text do match.

Updating Websites is Always Good Including Content Marketing

Whether your traffic is good or not so good, it is always a good idea to update your content and website to keep it current.  SEO is always evolving and changing, which makes refreshing content a great idea so that you are on a search engine’s first page.  The more visibility you can generate, the more leads and conversions you will see.  While SEO does take time by having it as part of your regular production schedule you will reap the benefits.

If you are unsure about your website design, content marketing, or SEO, MaxAudience can help.  We have worked with companies to help them rank better and incorporate current valuable content to engage with their readers.

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