Website Design and Current Trends in 2021

Website Design and Current Trends in 2021

Website design changes are often based on trends and changes within the digital environment.  Many experts are seeing that designers are trying to get to new heights of realism by blending digital and the real together in new ways.  Here is a look at some website design trends that will be huge in 2021.


We often see AI in websites in the form of chatbots.  Chatbots have been seen for a while and they offer visitors the chance to ask questions and make complaints without having to pick up a phone.  While many brands already have chatbots, there are still a ton that does not offer this feature.

Chatbots are not only going to be more common, the technology of chatbots will only increase as AI advances.  For eCommerce sites, chatbots are going to act more like a personal shopper to help visitors find products.

Colors That Are Easier on the Eyes

With the increase of digital in everything since the pandemic, people have been feeling eye strain after hours of staring at screens.  Web designers are taking this into account and rethinking color schemes that are easier on the eyes.

The schemes are taking a turn to soft color palettes, not as much black and white and more pastels, greens, blues, and warmer shades.  Not only are these choices softer on the eyes, but they also have relaxing and calming properties.  The trend is leaning towards comfort and less drama.

Social Movements and Environmental Issues

The internet only saw an increase in use with social aspects, conferences, and shopping in 2020.  This change meant that web designers needed to create more impactful designs, and many brands have decided that it is about resonating and connecting on impactful issues.

Virtues, brands’ voices, involvement in the world’s social and environmental issues have taken a strong space and brought to the forefront.  Brands are finding that consumers want to know what they stand for.  They are also seeing that images need to show true diversity in consumers.  The theme is about making sure the user experience appeals to a broad range and is impactful in a deeper way.


When a visitor goes to a landing page, often called the onboarding process, the time spent on that page is critical of the user’s journey.  Previously landing pages had product or service descriptions and a call to action.  What brands are finding now is that questionnaires offer a more interactive experience for the visitor.  The experience is more engaging, and the visitor feels like they are understood better.  The bottom line they will take the call to action more seriously and give their information.

Improve Your User Experience

While all of these new trends may not appeal to your brand, it is a movement in stepping up your design game and bringing the design aspect to the customer experience.  If you are unsure how to improve your website, we can help.  MaxAudience has been helping brands with their messaging and design, and the team is ready to help you.  What are you waiting for?  Contact MaxAudience today!

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