A Guide to Growing Your Brands Instagram Following Organically

A Guide to Growing Your Brands Instagram Following Organically

Instagram has been around for ten years and within that time the app has gone through many iterations.  With every tweak to the algorithm, it means that brands have to stay on top of it in order to continue to see steady growth.  If your brand is seeing stagnant growth, then it may be time to improve your social media strategies.  Here is a guide on how to grow your Instagram account organically.

Growth on Instagram

What defines the growth of an Instagram account?  Many believe that it is the number of followers you have and gain.  However, to get these new followers you need account engagement, brand exposure, and engaging content.  Without these pieces, why would anyone follow your brand?

Research Your Audience

Instagram Insight allows you to see who your audience is.  Understanding who your audience is gives you a starting point on engaging and gaining new followers.  The demographic features tell you age, sex, and location.  From there you can see when the followers are online.

Does your competition have the same followers?  If they do check out their most successful posts and what makes them work so well.  It is not about copying these posts; it is about understanding your audience better.

The better you know your audience, the more connecting can take place, which brings about brand loyalty and converting followers into customers.

Consistency is Key

The first important part is consistency. This is actually a key to a good social media strategy on any platform.  Start by looking over your posting schedule.  Are you posting consistently so that followers can look forward to the next post?  Larger brands post multiple times a day while smaller brands post once a day at a set time.  Whichever you commit to it must be a reliable schedule.

Look at your Instagram analytics to see when is your best time to post for your brand?  If you do not have a solid analytic to work around then start with the common most popular times for posting and then adjust based on your followers.  Tuesday to Fridays between 10 am and 3 pm are the best times to start.

The quality of the content is the other piece to consistency.  There is a ton of posts on Instagram you want your posts to stand out with interesting and quality information.  Also, think about the images that you are posting with the content, are they stock photos?  Or are you using original photos?

Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a tool for discoverability.  There is a lot of discussion about the best way to use hashtags.  Instagram provides the opportunity to use 30 hashtags.  However, using 30 various hashtags is not always to a brand’s advantage.  Sometimes using a fewer number of well-researched and appropriately used ones.  Keep in mind that the content needs to deliver by what is promised in the hashtags.  If you use hashtags that are not relevant you can risk them being banned or your account being frozen.

Geolocation and Tagging

One of the best ways to grow your following is to use geolocation tags.  If you are posting from a renowned instagrammable place.  When working with another brand or posting content from another person, be sure to tag them in the caption.

For brands that are service-based geotagging can make a huge difference, as people are looking for hashtags and tags based on locations near them.

Patience and Social Media Strategy

Remember that organically growing your Instagram account or any social media, is a game of patience.  The above strategies and methods will help you grow your followers and engagement without spending any money.  A combination of the above strategies and even a few others, like contests or cross-platform promotions, will improve your growth steadily.  If you need more help with your social media strategies, we can help.  Our team is ready to get your social media accounts working for you.

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