Backlinks will Improve Your Search Engine Page Rankings

Backlinks will Improve Your Search Engine Page Rankings

Link building makes a huge impact on your website’s ranking however it can also be a challenging aspect of SEO.  Links are important when working on boosting search engine rankings.  A key thing to remember even with algorithms changing backlinks are still needed.  The key to better rankings is to work on content marketing and backlinks.  Here is a guide to link building tactics that will get you results and keep you out of Google penalties.

Using Your Authority for Link Building

There are some great ways to link building while sharing your expertise in your field.  One of the fastest ways is to guest blog for a brand.  Brands with blogs get more inbound leads so guest blogging will drive relevant traffic to your site.

Guest blogging for an e-magazine and publications is a great opportunity that will get your brand noticed and create credibility and authority.

Do You Have Pillar Pages?

A pillar page is a single page that covers all aspects of a topic and links to the pieces of cluster content.  The pillar page is a centralized hub that is longer than a blog post and it is hyperlinked to cluster content blog posts.

The idea behind pillar content is that it sets up your brand as a niche authority.  The pillar content is in-depth information.  They generate referral traffic, improve search rankings, and conversions.  More internal links equal higher placement in search engine results pages (SERP).


Most people love to talk about themselves and their work, which is why interviews are a great way to get content for your site and a backlink.  When setting up the interview, make sure that they will add a link from their site to your brand’s site.  Also, when you promote the article on social media, tag them so that they can share.  This opportunity is a win for everyone, not only will you get new views but it is also a new content piece for your site.

Also, look for interview opportunities to share about your brand.  Being interviewed for another website or magazine will not only get you exposure but backlinks.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms increase content reach.  Are you using social media to engage with your audience?  People use social media platforms as search engines.  They are a way that people get answers to questions.

Create posts about your content so that people can see it on social and learn more by clicking here.  Another option is to run ads that will not only get your content seen but can add to your lead generation strategy.

Increased engagement around your social media content will get more links and mentions.

Broken Links

Broken links are frustrating to viewers.  Instead of getting the information, they get an error message.  When a viewer sees a broken link, they will hit the back button and go somewhere else.  Checking your links to ensure they work and are not broken is something that you need to do regularly.

Broken links also will hurt your search engine ranking.  So, this is a part of creating backlinks is making sure that your links on your site are up to date at all times.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Backlinks are an important part of SEO and high-quality content helps your brand get more opportunities for links and partnerships with other companies.  If you use these tips, you will find that your SEO ranking will improve.  If you need to work on your digital marketing strategies, we can help.  MaxAudience has created strategies that take customers from page 10 to page 1.  Contact us today and let our team put a plan into action.

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