Social Media Terms You Should Be Familiar With

The introduction of social media to the general populace has led to the creation of an entirely new Carlsbad Online Marketing language.  Those who know the terms and how they apply can really make the most of these platforms, reaching their customer base in the best possible manner. While there are too many words and […]

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Don’t Let Your Email Marketing Strategy Go Stale

Email is a wonderful tool, and despite all of the changes that have taken place on the Web in recent years, email remains a major part of most online marketing campaigns.  This is simply because it has proven a most effective channel over and over and over again.  It is, in fact, the platform consistently […]

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5 Tips to Make Your Next Webinar a Big Success

Are you considering hosting a webinar marketing campaign for customers, clients, or other such audiences?  It is a great idea.  When executed properly, webinars can drive large volumes of traffic to a company website, which, is turn, often leads to increase in sales.  However, before you dive in to the process, consider these tips to […]

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What Does Your Twitter Profile Say About You?

Part of the process of creating and maintaining a Twitter account is writing a short and sweet profile.  Despite the 140 character limit, you must provide a lot of information in that bio if you want to entice others to follow you. Whose Tweeting? Of course, the most important bit of the equation is making […]

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Analytics: The Importance of Read-Through-Rate

Is your content campaign a success?  How do you know?  If you are basing your assessment on shares or likes, then you may want to look a little deeper.  There has been evidence released, which points to a strange phenomenon.  Essentially, people will often social share or like something without really reading it.  When this […]

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Four Forms of Content Marketing You Might Have Overlooked

There are many forms of content, all of which can add to your Carlsbad Online Marketing campaign.  Some of most common types are blog posts, newsletters, and video.  However, there are many other forms of Carlsbad Online Marketing, and a few of these are commonly overlooked.  Yet, these lesser used content types can be of […]

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Social Media Stats: What Did You Do in the Last Sixty Seconds?

If you think that social media will become a dead marketing form (which is something that we have heard from the naysayers), think again.  Carlsbad Online Marketing will always be relevant. Consider these stats, which we have seen circulating the Twitter feeds throughout the day.

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The Value of Banner Ads

There was news from the popular company called Yelp recently, which shocked some marketers.  Despite reporting display advertising income valuing more than eight million dollars last year, the company has decided to phase out the advertising form.  This message was delivered in a second-quarter meeting. The problem is that the number, though significant, is not […]

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