You Have the Blink of an Eye to Make Them Love You

There are well over a billion websites on the World Wide Web today, and you want yours to stand out among the masses.  Needless to say, it’s a bit of a challenge, but not impossible.  However, your success hinges on first impressions.  You literally have less than a second to draw your customer in.

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Search Engine Optimization – A Two Decade Evolution

From the very first website launched, to now approaching the end of 2015, SEO has come a long way. Knowing our history helps us predict the future and helps steer our companies to be the innovators of our niche and blow away the competition.

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Blogging for Business: Versus

We have often mentioned the importance of content creation for the purpose of building a company’s online presence.  Very often, that content comes in the form of a blogging for business.  Even if you aren’t going to write daily or weekly, you can use this space to embed videos, podcasts, imagery, or infographics, among other […]

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How Facebook is Making it Easier to Reach Your Niche

Marketing 101 stipulates that the most successful businesses are those who can narrow their intended audiences, catering their marketing efforts only to those falling into the narrow niche.  However, advertising to such a select group of people was once difficult.    Now, though, services like Facebook, are making it much simpler.  The ad design options on […]

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Three Instagram Tactics You Should Be Trying

Instagram is all about having engaging photos that make people take a second glance.  When handled correctly, an Instagram account can be very beneficial for business.  Yet, notable success on Instagram is going to take more than a few great photos.  Consider these Instagram tactics that you can get others involved.

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Why Do Media Marketing?

Though the internet, and its reach, continues to grow by leaps and bounds each and every year, there are still many companies that have little- or no presence on the web.  For a long time, local Digital Marketing Del Mar businesses could get away without having to be active online, but if you are one […]

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You Did What?! Stop These Media Marketing Mistakes

Media marketing is still a relatively new creature, and one that companies from all corners of the world are experimenting with.  However, while experimentation can turn into outstanding success, it can also wind up costing some Digital Marketing La Jolla companies dearly when mistakes are made. The good news is that a lot of mistakes […]

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Four Ways to Ensure Failure within your Creative Team

“Content is king.”  We’ve seen the statement in countless pieces.  It’s been all but shouted from the rooftops.  So, if it is so important, why are so many companies failing to turn out worthwhile content?  For a lot of businesses it comes down to a discouraged creative team.  Believe it or not, you may be […]

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