Three Adjustments to Make to Your Failing Social Campaign

The number one complaint among the business owners that we come into contact with is the difficulty of managing a Digital Marketing La Jolla campaign.  We will not deny that Digital Marketing La Jolla efforts require a lot of time and forethought to be successful, however, very likely, if you are struggling to make your […]

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Enhancing Visual Posts for Better Exposure

We recently saw an article in, which caught our attention, because it had a lot of great advice to offer.  It speaks of the importance of tagging images in order to make them more SEO friendly.  There are a number of ways that you can make the post of your high quality images, ensuring that […]

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Don’t be a Social Misfit: Avoid Annoying Your Audience

How often have you seen posts by other companies and known, without a doubt, that they were failing within the social arena?  While it is often easy to pick out the mistakes made by others, it can be tough to spot our own missteps.  Here are a few errors that you should definitely avoid, if […]

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Top Three Ways You Can Build Your Digital Strategy

Earned Media, Owned Media, and Paid Media Having an online presence is a critical feature of a strong business communication plan.  There are three basic ways you can enhance your digital strategy:  through earned, owned and paid media.  Your online “brand” needs to embrace each of these concepts in order to be strong, vibrant and […]

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Breaking It Down: Creating a Content Marketing Plan

A Content Marketing Plan can be a tricky aspect of social marketing, because of the common writer’s block syndrome suffered by those who specialize in skills other than writing.  Even the best bloggers can find themselves at a mental road block from time to time, with a lack of anything meaningful to write about. However, […]

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Understanding the Difference Between Content Creation and SEO

Recently, we have many clients ask us to manage content creation.  Others still request help with Digital Marketing La Jolla SEO.  But, a large percentage use the two phrases as interchangeable terms.  It is true that they share much in common, but content creation is different that website Digital Marketing La Jolla SEO.

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Ignoring Local SEO? Stop It! You’re Risking Everything.

There was SEO, then there was local SEO. Unfortunately, many bigger brands haven’t bothered to pay close enough attention to local SEO. For some time now, it’s been regarded as something those who lobby for Small Business Saturday traffic should do, but larger brands can wholly ignore. If you’ve been on that boat for awhile, […]

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Is Online Marketing Actually Still Important?

Internet Marketing San Diego has been part of the game long enough now that it’s often not even something businesses think about. Instead, Internet Marketing San Diego is almost automatic for most businesses. As they set up their companies, they set up a website, some social media profiles, and sometimes they remember to do things […]

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