How, When and Where to Start Automation

A few times recently, while scrolling through social feeds, we have come across some rather hilarious automation mishaps.  It’s not hard to hit ‘AM’ instead of ‘PM’ or to click on the wrong account.  Those mistakes can lead to poorly timed, misplaced-, or inappropriate posts turning up when least expected. Though the results can be […]

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Email Marketing: How to Make the Fine Print Count

Effective advertising comes in many forms, but the vast majority of those will include fine print.  What does the average person do upon seeing these advertisings, particularly those that are offering a great deal?  They read the fine print to find ‘the catch’.  We’ve been trained throughout our years on this planet to be skeptical […]

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How Your Emotional IQ Impacts Social Marketing

While checking in on Twitter this morning, we came across an excellent article on, which discussed how emotion plays a very essential part in personal- and professional growth. The antiquated belief that intelligence, or IQ, was the best predictor of whether or not a person would achieve great success is just that, outdated. There […]

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Social Media Threatens News Market

For a fair amount of time now, people have been finding news pieces infiltrating their Digital Marketing San Diego feeds. At first, people were a bit hesitant to recognize and appreciate this form of news delivery, but it didn’t take long for those same nay-sayers to start sharing, commenting on, and liking the news pieces […]

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Will Your Website Meet Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Ranking?

If you pay attention to tech news at all, then you have likely heard about the upcoming change to mobile ranking by Google. The company announced the change, suggesting that the roll-out will begin on April 21. Many were caught off guard by the announcement, but Google representatives reported that this will be a big […]

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Using Geolocation to your Advantage

Everything is global now, from information to services to political movements to the next great product. As your online marketing needs grow, it is critical to keep in mind how to use geolocation as part of your marketing strategies. Failure to do so can cripple your efforts. Here is how to take advantage of this […]

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Is Authorship Still Important?

Building an online presence with a search engine like Google is a critical support structure of online marketing. When Google recently announced it was no longer tracking authorship (rel=author), many worried this would negatively impact marketing and some are making the move to drop building authorship from projects. While the statistics may not be available, […]

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PPC Testing: What You Need to Know Now

Testing and measuring your ad copy and design is critical to establishing whether the ad will do what it is designed to do or whether, like so many thousands of others generated every day online, it will flop, costing you money, time and valuable market share. In order to make sure your PPC testing is […]

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