Artificial Intelligence

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Brands

Artificial Intelligence has started to shape our lives, even if we choose to live in denial. When mobile became bigger than the PC, several marketers set up a mobile app. Amazing Results Even though the PC is still here and is just as important, the mobile experience brought in the importance of simplicity and utility […]

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Making the Most of Email Marketing in 2017

San Diego Email Marketing is not dead. If you are among those of the belief that email marketing no longer holds value to companies, large and small, then you are missing out on great opportunity for growth. There is absolutely no proof that email marketing is dying. The opposite is true, in fact. This is […]

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MaxAudience Announced as the Top Web Design Company for 2017 :: MaxAudience -

MaxAudience Announced Top Web Design Company for 2017

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Third party research firm Clutch has released its annual report on leading Web Design Companies and has found MaxAudience to be the Top Web Design Company for Small Business for 2017. Clutch has posted the rankings publicly on and has MaxAudience listed in the #1 spot on their review site currently for 2017. The […]

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How to Write a Yahoo Press Release That Gets Noticed

Almost 2,000 press releases come out every single day. You already know the value of a press release, but how can you be sure yours is actually noticed? If you’re writing for a specific platform, like a Yahoo press release, how can you ensure the search engine actually picks it up? These tips can help.

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Yahoo Press Release

How to Fit a Yahoo Press Release In With Your SEO Efforts

You’ve probably already read how powerful a Yahoo press release can be when it comes to your SEO strategy, but if you just know the headline, you may not realize how the two things fit together. Press release ARE an important part of SEO, but knowing where they fit into the picture is a must.

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Social Influencer Marketing Exceeding Expectations in 2017

Near the end of 2016, it was clear that 2017 was going to be the year of influencer marketing.  The concept of getting a brand boost from those who have built up online networks hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people deep has obvious appeal.  It almost does away with the need of having […]

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Twitter Changes Make Customer Relations Even Easier

At least two-thirds of the adult American population has used Twitter as a means of reaching out to various companies.  In some cases, the interaction is positive, or comes in the form of a recommendation to friends and followers.  In other cases, these tweets are worded as complaints.  In fact, nearly half of the adult […]

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What Your Company Can Learn About Marketing From Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees recently announced its intentions to unleash a new marketing campaign, which is about much more than selling a few more tubes of bees’ wax-based lip balm. The whole campaign started with the realization that the bee population in this country is declining. Following the news stories and speaking with others in the industry, […]

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"Maxaudience has produced results for my company time and time again.
That’s why I’ve been with them for almost a decade.”

Rick L., Voice Actor for National Brands