Hiring Tech: Tips to Find and Retain Great Tech Talent

The need for tech talent is very real.  While many industries face a large pool of talent with too few positions to fill, the tech industry is facing a potential shortage.  So, if your firm is on the hunt for a new tech employee, you will certainly have your work cut out for you.  And, […]

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Be Relevant: Using Trending News to Improve Your Content Marketing

For the average online retailer, trying to attract customers, content marketing can be a very powerful tool.  Unfortunately, many companies misunderstand the power of content, believing that all content is created equally, and that simply writing something (with keywords included) will draw the customers in. The truth is that the power of content lies in […]

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Creating Content to Engage

In the last blog post, we wrote a bit about the need for relevancy in content marketing.  Trending news, statistics, and conversation can transform your content strategy.  But, it’s really not enough to find and share the content already created by others.  You must present a body of your own, if you are going to […]

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Accepting Guest Blog Posts: The Dangers and the Decision

There has been a good amount of chatter revolving around Google’s relatively new crack down on website SEO.  One of the areas that seems to be under particular attack is guest blog posting.  Of course, the search engine doesn’t set out to stop the practice of sharing thoughts on others’ websites, but rather wants to […]

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Be Where the Customers Are, Not Where You Want Them to Be

With the development of smart devices, it is not uncommon for people to seek information online from three screens in a single day.  Smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and even smart watches are all providing people the opportunity to engagement, whenever and wherever they want for you to get more customers. Of course, this has meant […]

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Media Marketing Success: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Success with Internet Marketing San Marcos is requiring a slightly different approach now than it did a few years ago.  The landscape has changed, and as more marketers have recognized the value of Internet Marketing San Marcos for business, there is more competition for advertising spots.  Additionally, the various social platforms are really favoring larger […]

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Get the Story Started: Content Inspiration Sparkers

We’ve been saying for a long time now that the power of social marketing is only properly harnessed when the user is an effective storyteller.  This certainly won’t change in 2016.  There has to be a message, a story in the content that you create.  That is what will resonate with your readers, and that […]

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Get the Facts! Don’t Fall for Media Myths

If you are still getting your feet wet when it comes to Internet Marketing San Marcos, or you are revamping your approach because the previous attempts haven’t worked out as planned, then you need to be careful not to fall for the dangerous myths. Ironically, some of the information that others who claim to be […]

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