3 Ways to Improve Customer Service Online

#1. Personalized Offers for Loyal Consumers While many companies attempt to keep up with the negative, always trying to appease those who have reported a bad experience, too few are rewarding the people who are working to improve the reputation of the company.  Choosing a random selection of customers who have publicly demonstrated their loyalty […]

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Marketing Automation Common Mistakes

Marketing automation software can be a very powerful addition to your tool box.  It can be a big time saver and may even simplify your Digital Marketing Carlsbad efforts.  However, if you make some of these common beginner mistakes, it could reduce the value of the investment. Underutilization Many company executives get very excited about […]

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Be Sure Your Followers Take You Seriously

The power of social media and blogging is lost when you don’t establish relationships with the followers and follow social media best practices.  You can’t do that unless they are taking your posts as a serious endeavor.  That means that you must become the trustworthy source of content. Be Organized All of that begins with […]

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The Best Way to Find Company Ambassadors is to Be Social

Company ambassadors are very powerful alliances to have in the business world.  Someone who is willing to speak honestly and positively, with passion, about your company and the products or services that you have to offer, is undoubtedly a major benefit.  So, why do some companies so readily find these individuals, while you continue to […]

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Overwhelmed by Need for Content Creation?

Many people find the idea of managing a blog as well as multiple social media accounts to be overwhelming.  So, if you are having trouble managing all of your content, relax and know that you are not alone.  That being said, there are many ways that you can ease the burden on yourself. Change the […]

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Make the Most of Hashtags, Photo Tagging

When hashtags were first starting to pop up on social media platforms, a lot of people were skeptical, but the greatest marketers immediately recognized their potential worth.  After all, the use of the right hashtag can lead thousands of people to your social profile, where they may become familiar with your brand, click through to […]

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Honest Recruiting: 3 Things That Candidates Should Know Before Applying

As the hiring manager, you have a list of responsibilities that you owe to potential candidates. If you want to attract qualified talent, people capable of growing your business, then you must be open, honest, and straightforward throughout the hiring process. There are a few things that a candidate should know about your hiring practices […]

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Are you Measuring? Three Factors that You Should be Charting

A successful businessman quickly learns that there are many factors that determine success. There are many areas of business that can be measured to gauge how well a company is doing. The same can certainly be said for the marketing department. If you are new to social marketing, you will likely find that there is […]

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